Our Team

Vilda Chejn

Born 1987

Univeristy Education in Aesthetics (at the Faculty of Arts in the Ceske Budejovice, Czech republic)

Dedicated climber (8a +, 8A + fb, XC on sand) and boulderer and passionate routesetter with over 6 years fo experience with routesetting, one of the main rotesetters of The Czech Championship in Bouldering

Holder of the highest routesetting license in the Czech Republic - The main soutesetter of CHS (Czech Mountaineering Club) - extendable to license IFSC

Experience with routesetting in the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria

How does he set a route? With an effort to connect the hard training moves with moves to enhance coordination and creative elements.

Home wall - Big Wall, Prague


Olin Klapal

Born 1986

University education in Physical Education and Sports, specialization Fitness Specialist

Climbing performances 8b + on rocks, boulders 8A; from 2010 to 2012, a representative of the Czech Republic in rock climbing

Several years of experience with routesetting of commercial routes and boulders on the biggest climbing walls in the Czech Republic and in Europe (Big Wall, Smíchoff, Boulkder Bar, Lokal Blok, DAV Kletterhalle Waldkraiburg, Kletterpark Kärnten, Kletterhalle Judenburg, Kletterhalle Dresden). Creating of routesand boulders for CP and the Championship

Holder of the highest routesetting license in the Czech Republic

The main routesetter of CHS (Czech Mountaineering Club) - extendable to license IFSC

Viktor Pařízek

Born 25. 4. 1978

He has been climbing since childhood, devoted not only to the sport climbing but also the traditional climbing, sandstone and miltipitch climbing in the the mountains. He tries to utilize his experience during routestetting on artificial walls. He has many years of experience in commercial and competitive routesetting  in the Czech Republic and foeign countries. He setteled many lead climbing competitions of Czech Republic Cup for adults and children and setteled several Championship as well. Nowadays he is the hief routesetter on the Big-wall Hudy climbing gym in Prague and cooperates with many other gyms in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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